Wokingham Town Centre

Wokingham Town Centre has such a unique advantage over its nearby towns, set in a historic Market Town offering fantastic scenery and historical buildings.

Have yourself a latte

Wokingham Town Centre has a great ambience boasting several restaurant and Coffee shops – which are usually always buzzing and thriving with the hustle and bustle of a small town. It’s often been noted that Wokingham Town Centre has too many coffee shop however it’s not unknown to find a coffee shop very busy and have to go to the next one.

Wokingham Essentials

Wokingham does have some of the national chain shops you’d expect to see in a town as well as High Street Banks, Opticians etc; but this is what makes Wokingham so special as they work alongside the one offs and independent retailers. Wokingham works so well as it has both sides of the retail equation working for it.

Boutique Wokingham

Wokingham has the benefit of several boutique stores which are independently owned, meaning they offer such a local and bespoke service out weighting some of the national shops. Wokingham boasts several fashion retailers, accessories and some fresh ideas along the way, certainly check it out next time you’re in town.

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